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  1. Kanye West says:

    Vote for me 2020!!
    If you want contact me call me on Hotline bling.

  2. Kanye West says:

    Vote for me 2020!!
    If you want contact me call me on Hotline bling.(I hate Drake tho)

  3. alan xu says:

    Mr P, the test on this Friday, is it just based on the calculation of the latent heat of fusion of ice? or everything that’s in experiment 13.2 in STAWA book?

  4. jamie says:

    U said the answers were on yr site.

    No they’re not.

  5. Qwertyuio says:

    Mr Patterson, – “common reactions 4″ from the chemistry list isn’t functioning. downloaded it 3 times already.

  6. socrates ge says:

    Mr.P the website i was mentioning is here

  7. Ash Joshi says:

    thanks Mr. P

  8. Mr. P says:

    Ash, I have received your outcomes, thanks.

    • Ash Joshi says:

      hi Mr. Patterson
      What is my percentage for my outcomes.
      And on the Investigating Compounds: Naming Compounds sheet do we have to know all the ratio of elements and name of compound by-heart.

      • Mr. P says:

        Not by heart no. There are rules for how to determine the name of a compound in Activity 13.

        Ratio of elements is also worked out by looking at the number to the left of each element.

  9. Elyssa C says:

    Hi Mr Patterson,
    I was just wondering if we need to present a hypothesis and graph for experiment 1.1?

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