Worksheets (some of which are used in class) are sorted by topic. If your browser cannot load the files, try right clicking the link and choosing “save as”.

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Semester 1 exam revision + solutions + video solution Q8

Semester 1 exam revision 2 + solutions

Semester 2 exam revision + solutions


Program 2012

Motion and Forces

Quick Quizzes:

Describing motion: Distance and Displacement

Describing motion: Speed and Velocity

Describing motion: Acceleration

Graphing motion

Equations of motion

Newton’s Laws + solutions

Ticker Timer Problems + solutions

Velocity-time graphs (solutions included)

Newton’s First and Second Law Lab + simulation page

Newton’s Laws Conceptual Questions+ solutions

Work, energy and power worksheet 1 (includes solutions)

Work, energy and power worksheet 2 + solutions


Semester 2 revision + solutions


Program 2012

Outline of relevant Study Guide questions (first 5 weeks)

Outline of relevant Study Guide questions (full year)

Quick Quizzes:

Atomic Number + solutions

Periodic table trends + solutions

Ionic compounds and formula + solutions

Writing Chemical Equations + solutions

Common Reactions (first four weeks) + solutions

Revision (first five weeks) + solutions

Reactions + solutions

Reactions 2 + solutions

Semester 2 Topic Test revision 1 + solutions

Semester 2 Topic Test revision 2 + solutions

Semester 2 Topic Test revision 3 + solutions



Program 2012

Quick Quizzes:


New Generation Solutions

Asexual reproduction summary chart

Mitosis and Meiosis + solutions

Intermediate Inheritance + solutions

Inheritance (both types) + solutions

Revision 1 (first four weeks) + solutions

Revision 2 (first four weeks) + solutions

Pedigrees + solutions

Natural Selection pHet Lab

Semester 2 revision + solutions



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  2. Arun says:

    Any answers for “Newton’s Laws”? This site has been very helpful :)

  3. shamira talim says:

    informative site

  4. Snoop says:


  5. rushi says:

    Sir can you make any powerpoint showing how genetic disorder works in Meiosis process

  6. rushi says:

    Sir you give me quiz 5 on Monday because last week i was absent on Friday. I don’t have the answer sheet of Quiz 5 Can you please post quiz 5 solution.

  7. rushi says:

    Sir where are the answers of the pedigree practice

  8. Ryan says:

    Mr patterson for the chemistry revision answers the correct formulae of iron 4 and sulphite is Fe(SO3)2 but i got Fe2(SO3)2 which one is correct mine or yours.

  9. Vidit Vashisht says:

    Is there going to be any trigonometry is the exam?

  10. Joshua kim says:

    For question 2. 1st and 3rd from the Semester 1 Exam Revision. Are they asking for a moth or a human?

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