Worksheets (some of which are used in class) are sorted by topic. If your browser cannot load the files, try right clicking the link and choosing “save as”.

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Semester 1 exam revision + solutions + video solution Q8

Semester 1 exam revision 2 + solutions

Semester 2 exam revision + solutions


Program 2012

Motion and Forces

Quick Quizzes:

Describing motion: Distance and Displacement

Describing motion: Speed and Velocity

Describing motion: Acceleration

Graphing motion

Equations of motion

Newton’s Laws + solutions

Ticker Timer Problems + solutions

Velocity-time graphs (solutions included)

Newton’s First and Second Law Lab + simulation page

Newton’s Laws Conceptual Questions+ solutions

Work, energy and power worksheet 1 (includes solutions)

Work, energy and power worksheet 2 + solutions


Semester 2 revision + solutions


Program 2012

Outline of relevant Study Guide questions (first 5 weeks)

Outline of relevant Study Guide questions (full year)

Quick Quizzes:

Atomic Number + solutions

Periodic table trends + solutions

Ionic compounds and formula + solutions

Writing Chemical Equations + solutions

Common Reactions (first four weeks) + solutions

Revision (first five weeks) + solutions

Reactions + solutions

Reactions 2 + solutions

Semester 2 Topic Test revision 1 + solutions

Semester 2 Topic Test revision 2 + solutions

Semester 2 Topic Test revision 3 + solutions



Program 2012

Quick Quizzes:


New Generation Solutions

Asexual reproduction summary chart

Mitosis and Meiosis + solutions

Intermediate Inheritance + solutions

Inheritance (both types) + solutions

Revision 1 (first four weeks) + solutions

Revision 2 (first four weeks) + solutions

Pedigrees + solutions

Natural Selection pHet Lab

Semester 2 revision + solutions



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  1. Michelle says:

    Hi :)
    You’re website is greatly appreciated by a few students in my school, so thank you.
    Just wondering, do you have solutions for the natural selection worksheet?

    Thank you,

  2. tom says:

    interestingly the answers are hidden in white text in some of the worksheets so if you just change the text colour you don’t have to download the answers aswell

  3. I’d firstly proposed Holdem Director – A database that
    files every one of the hands you perform
    so you may assessment blunders.

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  5. Arun says:

    Any answers for “Newton’s Laws”? This site has been very helpful :)

  6. shamira talim says:

    informative site

  7. Snoop says:


  8. rushi says:

    Sir can you make any powerpoint showing how genetic disorder works in Meiosis process

  9. rushi says:

    Sir you give me quiz 5 on Monday because last week i was absent on Friday. I don’t have the answer sheet of Quiz 5 Can you please post quiz 5 solution.

  10. rushi says:

    Sir where are the answers of the pedigree practice

  11. Ryan says:

    Mr patterson for the chemistry revision answers the correct formulae of iron 4 and sulphite is Fe(SO3)2 but i got Fe2(SO3)2 which one is correct mine or yours.

  12. Vidit Vashisht says:

    Is there going to be any trigonometry is the exam?

  13. Joshua kim says:

    For question 2. 1st and 3rd from the Semester 1 Exam Revision. Are they asking for a moth or a human?

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